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There’s a place, in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, on the foothills of a mountain where nature reigns. Amongst undulating hills and valleys of decomposed shale, unspoilt nature stitches in vineyards and olives trees; roots dug deep into the soil, canopies arched towards the South African sun. Only 74 ha of the 200 ha estate is under vine and olive trees, the rest is given over to the mountains and the wetlands where eagles carve through the sky and owls roost in trees close to the cellar door.

Visit our contemporary tasting room, perched on the edge of a dam, with views of mountains and wetlands. Visitors can experience a variety of both wine and olive oil tastings in this bucolic setting.


The Morgenster tasting room has reopened, in compliance with the government regulations on COVID-19 under Level 3 Lockdown.

Our operational hours are Monday to Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00.

We are asking all our clients to work with us to keep our community safe.

Please wear your facemask, sanitise your hands and keep social distancing.